#BookExtract #BlogTour: Alice’s Secret – Lynne Francis

image003I was delighted to be given the opportunity to host an extract from Alice’s Secret by Lynne Francis, a historical fiction mystery published this week by Avon Books.  Alice’s Secret is the second gripping novel from the author of Ella’s Journey – a story of love, loss and a historical mystery finally revealed that’s perfect for fans of Rosie Clarke and Tracy Rees.

2018 Alys’s life hasn’t quite turned out the way she thought… How did she end up making all the wrong choices?

Escaping to the Yorkshire countryside to help out her aunt might just be the change she needs. Throwing herself into baking cakes and cookies for her aunts beloved café helps take her mind off all of her bad decisions. But when she stumbles across a long-buried family mystery Alys can’t let it go…

1890s Alice is the sole bread-winner for her family, working at the local cotton mill. She enjoys her job, until she suddenly begins to attract the wrong attention…

How far is Alys willing to go to find out what really happened to Alice all those years ago?

Intrigued? Well, then enjoy the sneak peak below! 

The interior of King’s Cross station seemed to have been rebuilt when Alys arrived there, which was baffling. Surely the last time that she’d been up to Yorkshire it was as reassuringly familiar as it had been for the last twenty or thirty years? She struggled to get her bearings, disconcerted. She queued in WHSmith for a book of stamps, needing to post a letter before she left, only to discover that the new station seemed to lack a postbox. After dragging her suitcase around outside in the pouring rain, in the hope of spotting a familiar red pillar box, Alys gave up, wet through and anxious about time passing.

If she’d been travelling with Tim, of course, he would have been at the station far enough in advance to lunch nearby, having worked out beforehand where to eat. His packing would have been well-practised perfection. He would have had exactly the right amount of clothes, with one set to spare. He wouldn’t have had to unzip his case eight times before leaving the house to stuff in more shoes and a hairbrush, then take the shoes out again and put in two jumpers, then take one of the jumpers out and put in a T-shirt instead. Indecision wasn’t Tim’s thing.

Alys’s forward planning had stretched to buying a sandwich in WHSmith along with the stamps, so now she only needed to stand and stare at the departures board along with everyone else. She tried to think back to when she’d last travelled alone. France, Greece, and that ill-fated trip to India – they’d all been with school or college friends. Paris, Venice, Florida – with Tim, or previous boyfriends. Could this really be the first time ever?

The train was up on the board, prompting a flurry of activity on the concourse, and a determined rush for the barrier. Alys trekked along the platform to Coach B. It looked as though all the pre-booked seats had been crammed into one carriage, instead of spread out through the train. She settled into her seat with her book, waterproof jacket in the rack above….

Buy Alice’s Secret on Amazon now.

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