13995637_10154427975404878_3412081741247396896_oA complete bookaholic, I read whatever I can, whenever I can – and suspect there is a special circle of hell reserved for those who break the spines on books in general (my own in particular).

Wildly allergic to onions – can we all agree to stop putting them in every single dish please?!

My non-reading pastimes include photography, watching films, and knitting – but I’m slightly more sociable than that makes me sound.

Responsible for 73% of the world’s consumption of Lyons Tea, I’m fervently hoping for a sponsorship deal with the tea giant. You can find me on twitter @cgeagan


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Dean McHugh

    Hey Cathy! I discovered this little internet alcove through of all things; Facebook. It’s wonderful! (The blog, not Facebook)
    Enjoy your holiday and give that macro lens a run for its money.

    P.S. The photography is sublime.

    1. I’m in Ireland, Lyons gold label is one of the main teas here. I’d imagine you can get it in America in Irish or UK import stores though. It’s one of the highest grade of black teas and makes a totally perfect cuppa! The bags are a pyramid shape so the leaves can swirl around inside the bag

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